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It is always difficult to say goodbye to a valued team member and we are sad to see Brandon Johnson, PhD leave our department to face new challenges.

Brandon joined the Center for Biomedical Research in 2019 as Postdoctoral Fellow. He quickly advanced to Scientist, thanks to his rich experience in biophysics, calcium imaging, cell biology, biochemistry, and genetics. Brandon completed his PhD with Rick Aldrich, an esteemed member of the National Academy of Science, and Miriam Goodman, at Stanford. While at Queen’s, his hard work and dedication resulted in the publication of several excellent publications, including on his funded work on SARS-CoV2, his collaboration with Lori Hazelhurst on multiple myeloma, and the exciting discoveries of the entourage effects of cannabinoids on the immune cell system with Reinhold Penner. His new endeavors will lead him to find a genetic cure for cystic fibrosis, in collaboration with Jesse Owens at the University of Hawaii. Luckily, this means he will stay close to our lab, and we are looking forward to more fruitful collaborations!

From all of us here at QCBR: Thank you for your time with us and your invaluable contributions to our team. We will miss you and wish you every success in your new chapter! We know you have a bright future ahead!