Hawaii Covid Data

As of March 10 Johns-Hopkins has ceased updating their COVID data sets upon which my plots and analyses rely. For this reason, I will suspend my weekly site updates for now. Let us all hope that this reflects the end of the pandemic that has plagued the world for the past 3 years.

Hawaii (Wednesday, March 8, 2023)

For the past week, we had 510 (avg. 73 daily; 2% increase over the previous week) new cases (345 (49) on Oahu, 65 (9) on the Big Island, 60 (9) on Maui, 0 on Lanai, 2 on Molokai, 0 (4) on Kauai, and 0 out of state) for a total of 380,608 with 13,903 total hospitalizations (+62), 49 patients currently hospitalized (+12), and 1,841 fatalities (7 new). Note that the DoH updates these numbers only once a week, every Wednesday.

Below are the population-corrected case numbers for the islands.

Below are the hospitalization numbers for the state.

United States

The mainland reported over 24 K new cases (24,585) and 335 deaths yesterday, surpassing 103.6 M total cases (103,680,242) and over 1.1 M deaths (1,122,599). Total number of new cases for the past week was 259,416 (avg. 36,042 daily), a 2.8% increase over the week before.


The world has over 676 M confirmed cases (676,340,476) and over 6.8 M people have died (6,879,535) at the time of this post.


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