Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Signaling

The Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Signaling was established in July 1998 through a collaborative effort of The Queen’s Medical Center and the University of Hawaii. The LCMS is headed by Andrea Fleig, Ph.D. and Reinhold Penner, M.D. Ph.D. and located within the University of Hawaii Tower on the campus of The Queen’s Medical Center.

The Science

General Overview

The laboratory’s work has concentrated on various aspects of calcium signaling in electrically excitable as well as non-excitable cells. Its mainstay is the elucidation of calcium signaling and Calcium-Release-Activated-Calcium channels (CRAC) in immune responses. This line of work has been expanded to microglia, the immune cells of the brain, which play an important role in neurodegenerative diseases. Another focus investigates the regulation of inositol-signaling pathways. We have also started to correlate calcium signaling and cell proliferation, which may lead to identify a central role of this ion in apoptotic cell death and tumorigenesis. Recently, we have initiated a project concerning the physiological function of four novel ion channels of the Transient-Receptor Potential (TRP)-family involved in calcium homeostasis, specifically TRPM2, TRPM4, TRPM5 and TRPM7.

LCMS Lab Members

Andrea Fleig, PhD, MBA

Associate Director
Tel: +1 (808) 691-7931

Reinhold Penner, MD, PhD

Director of Research
Tel: +1 (808) 691-5366

Mahea Monteilh-Zoller, PhD

Tel: +1 (808) 691-7936

Ivana Pilchova, PhD

Tel: +1 (808) 691-7930

Brandon Johnson, PhD

Tel: +1 (808) 691-4261

Leonhard Kempinger, BS

Internship Researcher
Tel: +1 (808) 691-7902