US Covid Data

As of March 10 Johns-Hopkins has ceased updating their COVID data sets upon which my plots and analyses rely. For this reason, I will suspend my weekly site updates for now. Let us all hope that this reflects the end of the pandemic that has plagued the world for the past 3 years.

USA Cases Weekly (Wednesday, March 8, 2023)

The mainland reported over 24 K new cases (24,585) and 335 deaths yesterday, surpassing 103.6 M total cases (103,680,242) and over 1.1 M deaths (1,122,599). Below are the individual US states numbers, shown both as cumulative (red line, left axis) and daily new cases (blue bars, right axis; thick blue lines are 7-day averages). Most states are now reporting reduced or stable case numbers compared to the previous week. HI has also reported stable case numbers this week compared to last.

Analysis Plots

In the summary bar graph below I am plotting the changes in positive cases for individual states (red is increase, green is decrease) assessed by the 7-day average of the past week over the 7-day average of the prior week. Overall, we observe a decrease in case numbers in most states. HI has stable case numbers this week compared to last week.

Population Corrected Plots

Finally, I am plotting the numbers for individual states corrected for their population in terms of numbers per 10,000 people. The dashed line represents the overall US numbers of cases. HI reports below average case counts per capita.

Stay safe, -Reinhold

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