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A Manuscript by Drs. Sumoza-Toledo and Penner Has Been Honored by The Journal Of Physiology for Being Cited 100 Times Within 10 Years

A manuscript by Drs. Sumoza-Toledo and Penner has been honored by The Journal of Physiology, England for being cited 100 times within 10 years. Authors having achieved that receive the distinction of “Century Citation Club”, also accessible on the journal’s webpage. 

The paper receiving the honor: 
 TRPM2: a multifunctional ion channel for calcium signalling , 2011

Here is the editorial explaining the Century Citation Club:

A brief sample excerpt:…[The Century Citation Club comprises research papers which attract over 100 citations within ten years of publication. This is an achievement that we certainly think is worth recognition and celebration: everyone knows that papers are more often cited for being right than for being wrong or boring (or both). One hundred citations represents a citation rate roughly twice the average for the Journal of Physiology and then maintained for a decade; these papers are exceptional, they have made their mark and changed their fields.]…